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Welcome back, MailTags!

Last November, I uninstalled MailTags 3.1 because they significantly slowed down my Mac. About  1.5 months ago Scott from Indev mentioned the release of MailTags 3.2. I re-installed them and have not experienced any issues ever since. I enjoy MailTags … Continue reading

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Managing email with SaneBox

SaneBox is a software which shifts email in and out of your Inbox depending on certain rules. Most directly, SaneBox filters less essential incoming emails into SaneNews and SaneLater mailboxes but it can also do other useful tasks. Let me start … Continue reading

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Goodbye MailTags … and see you soon (?)

I enthusiastically used MailTags starting almost from the day I got my first Mac and until the last Friday. The reason I gave up was that my Mail.app has been choking on MailTags for the last several months. Working with email … Continue reading

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MailTags and OmniFocus Projects

MailTags is a great way to organize your Mail. It allows to tag each message with specific Keywords or assign it to one or several Projects as well as create reminders and notes associated with an email. The good news … Continue reading

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Three stages of the academic workflow and Mac software

The’academic workflow’ is a representation of scholarship as a series of stages or steps connected to each other without gaps or duplication. Although simplified, the idea of the workflow helps to structure, develop, and communicate tools, knowledge and experience across … Continue reading

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Organizing email

What do you do with an email message after you have read it, responded and made the necessary notes? Or after you have deliberately decided to ignore it? You have to tackle your fear of forgetting and ask the two … Continue reading

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Tagging is attaching “tags” or keywords to your files (pdf documents, images, data tables, mail messages, text notes, etc.) which would allow finding them easily. Tagging is a more advanced method of organizing information than sorting it into hierarchical folders. … Continue reading

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