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Essential software for academic work on Mac: 2021 update

It’s been seven years since I listed 25 apps essential for academic work on Mac. This list has proven to be very popular and relatively stable, but over the years I dropped or significantly reduced using 13 of these applications and … Continue reading

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Filing in a hurry: using message flags in Mail for ‘hot’ projects

I have recently started to use differently colored flags in Mail app. My past advice on email reflecting the GTD wisdom and the Inbox Zero principle was that an email message is either something which can be dealt with in less … Continue reading

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Three stages of the academic workflow and Mac software

The’academic workflow’ is a representation of scholarship as a series of stages or steps connected to each other without gaps or duplication. Although simplified, the idea of the workflow helps to structure, develop, and communicate tools, knowledge and experience across … Continue reading

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Events in, events out: some ideas on improving your calendar experience

I have plenty of screen real estate and even though my hardware is powerful enough to not give me the spinning beach ball all the time, for some reason, I still feel awkward when I have many applications running simultaneously … Continue reading

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Linking email to action: reference, calendars, to-do and reading lists

My email organizing sounds so surprisingly simple because I do not use email for managing any critical information, such as reminders, reading materials, or references. I try to spend as little time as possible working with email and still get … Continue reading

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Organizing and using calendars

The more we academics believe that our heads are for creative thinking, the more we should keep them free from other “non-creative” stuff which can be safely handled by computers. Calendars are one of the oldest forms of such “distributed … Continue reading

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