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Mind-Mapping on Mac and iOS: MindNode and iCloud

For a few discrete tasks—short bursts of writing, for example, or annotating PDFs—it makes sense to loop iOS devices into a Mac-based workflow. Finally we can add mind-mapping to the list, now that MindNode syncs through iCloud. MindNode Pro, the … Continue reading

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Update on the Macademic Ninja kit

The Macademic Ninja kit posted a while ago  included TextExpander, LaunchBar, Hazel, 1Password and Dropbox. I still love and constantly use all of these small apps. But in the last 1.5 years five other apps have also become critical for freeing … Continue reading

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Three stages of the academic workflow and Mac software

The’academic workflow’ is a representation of scholarship as a series of stages or steps connected to each other without gaps or duplication. Although simplified, the idea of the workflow helps to structure, develop, and communicate tools, knowledge and experience across … Continue reading

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Academic writing, task management, and OmniFocus

Task management systems, invented to increase focus and productivity, may become a source of distraction and procrastination. I certainly learned that when I tried to integrate my academic writing with OmniFocus. OmniFocus provides reminders, information, and space to decide what should … Continue reading

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Organizing and using calendars

The more we academics believe that our heads are for creative thinking, the more we should keep them free from other “non-creative” stuff which can be safely handled by computers. Calendars are one of the oldest forms of such “distributed … Continue reading

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Psychological effect of tracking time and the Pomodoro

I have tracked my time over many years. Yet I could never clearly explain the reason for doing that other than being a pedantic nerd. More recently, however, I stumbled upon an interesting observation.  Every time I start OfficeTime I … Continue reading

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Academic writing: inclining your mind

In a previous entry we discussed some great Mac software for writing. However, software can only support (or inhibit) your writing. Punching the keys to move the cursor from the left to the right of your screen is still left … Continue reading

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