Goodbye MailTags … and see you soon (?)

I enthusiastically used MailTags starting almost from the day I got my first Mac and until the last Friday. The reason I gave up was that my has been choking on MailTags for the last several months. Working with email has become painfully slow: most of the time the bulk of the memory and over 100% of CPU was consumed by “Saving MailTags”. Rebuilding mailboxes and databases, re-installing and cleaning caches, and archiving old mail did not help. Finally I decided to remove MailTags by deleting ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/MailTags.mailbundle. I am now able to zip through my mail again. I am missing my keywords and projects a bit but the re-gained ability to search and jump between folders more than compensates for it. Brett Terpstra spoke about doing the same on this episode of MPU. He hopes MailTags will bounce back. Me too. Meanwhile, it’s one more lesson to make my filing and tagging system redundant and non-proprietary.


About Aleh Cherp

Aleh Cherp is a professor at Central European University and Lund University. He researchers energy and environment and coordinates MESPOM, a Masters course operated by six Universities.
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4 Responses to Goodbye MailTags … and see you soon (?)

  1. smorr says:

    Hi Aleh

    Just want to let you know we released MailTags 3.2 earlier this month and we addressed several performance issues and introduce a variety of new features. If we can help you out with adopting MailTags again, please let us know.



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  3. Hi Aleh,

    I found your post because I was having the same issues with MailTags4 and El Capitan. Thanks for the info – once I found and deleted the library file things started to work well for me again. I loved the idea of MailTags and it would have worked well in my workflow, but the fact it keeps fetching and redownloading mailtags in my institutional gmail account meant that everything group to a halt.


    • smorr says:

      Hello Jason

      (I am notified of posts on this thread from long ago)

      I think we can work out the issue with the continual fetching of gmail messages with recent versions of MailTags. If you could start a discussion on our support site ( we can follow up



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