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The Daily Rituals of Some Well-known Creative People

I came across this interesting infographic on the Huffington Post (originally created by RJ Andrews of Info We Trust) that visualizes how some important creative and intellectual figures used to structure their days.  It seems that none of them spent … Continue reading

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Overcoming OmniFocus’ myopia: OmniOutliner and the yet-to-be-discovered academic planning software

One of the five things that should be kept out of OmniFocus are project plans. There are several good reasons for that. OmniFocus is designed to provide an unambiguous list of concrete things that both should and can be done … Continue reading

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Events in, events out: some ideas on improving your calendar experience

I have plenty of screen real estate and even though my hardware is powerful enough to not give me the spinning beach ball all the time, for some reason, I still feel awkward when I have many applications running simultaneously … Continue reading

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Organizing and using calendars

The more we academics believe that our heads are for creative thinking, the more we should keep them free from other “non-creative” stuff which can be safely handled by computers. Calendars are one of the oldest forms of such “distributed … Continue reading

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Psychological effect of tracking time and the Pomodoro

I have tracked my time over many years. Yet I could never clearly explain the reason for doing that other than being a pedantic nerd. More recently, however, I stumbled upon an interesting observation.  Every time I start OfficeTime I … Continue reading

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Projects and categories in OfficeTime

OfficeTime allows you to track time spent on various projects. There is certain logic and temptation to make OfficeTime projects correspond to projects in the GTD sense (i.e. a sequence of more than one action leading to an outcome). This … Continue reading

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Timing with OfficeTime

I used to have a personal time-tracking system based on Journal in Microsoft Outlook. Eventually I got it to work, but it was taking too much time and effort. About two years ago I abandoned it. But then over a … Continue reading

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Pre-Mac personal timing

For about 10 years I kept more or less exact track of my time because I was sure that ‘what’s not measured is not managed‘. I was actually inspired by a story (not sure it was true) of a person who … Continue reading

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