The future of email: an empathy algorithm

Some of our most popular entries are on how to write good emails: both what to say and what not to say. But what if the computer could tell you how to tailor emails to different people?

What if there were an algorithm that could scan all past correspondence and tell you whether or not “Bob” would want you to ask him how his weekend was before asking him a favor or just get straight to the point. Crystalknows looks like it will do just that. According to a recent wired article, the site processes data from anything that’s publicly available which your email recipient has written and tells you their personality profile and how they like to be communicated with. Seems like the next step will be for it to scan all previous communication with someone from your email archive to give you advice.

The next step for me will be to try out the beta version – Crystal is only available via a waiting list at this point so put in your email address to glimpse the future.


About Jessica Jewell

Jessica Jewell is an Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology and a Professor at University of Bergen where she researches the feasibility of climate action (
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