Should PowerPoint be banned?

I have recently spoken about inappropriate uses of Microsoft Word to my students. The slightly scared students started to fear that I downgrade everyone who dares to use any Microsoft products, for example PowerPoint. I don’t. But here are a few relevant thoughts for new readers of Macademic.

Academic workflows on a Mac

My favorite podcaster Lucy Kellaway went into an open attack on PowerPoint (for those who wonder, Power Point is Windows presentation software also used by Mac users who have not discovered Apple Keynote). Not only did Lucy join the Anti-Power Point Party (APPP) , but she also proposed to create a terrorist wing that would cut the cables connecting laptops to the projectors.

Another FT journalist, Tim Harford defended PowerPoint. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to Lucy and I admire how masterfully Tim does it.

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About Aleh Cherp

Aleh Cherp is a professor at Central European University and Lund University. He researchers energy and environment and coordinates MESPOM, a Masters course operated by six Universities.
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