Steve Jobs’ lesson on email and job priorities

Some of Steve Jobs’ lessons on email and job priorities were captured by Lucy Kellaway of Financial Times  in 2010, about a year before his death. I especially enjoy this one:

"The first lesson is about brevity. Her initial message was 
473 words. His was 12."

P.S. This is a reblog of a post from Macademic’s early days. 


About Aleh Cherp

Aleh Cherp is a professor at Central European University and Lund University. He researchers energy and environment and coordinates MESPOM, a Masters course operated by six Universities.
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2 Responses to Steve Jobs’ lesson on email and job priorities

  1. Csaba Pusztai says:

    It is hard to tell if this is something to take after. It may be a nice anecdote of a practice that may be worth following in certain situations, I am not sure how much the supposed implicit merit is valid outside the realm of “fun facts” about the “highly acclaimed renegade mastermind boss”.


  2. Aleh Cherp says:

    Well, I think the significance here is in the fact that the story is told by Lucy Kellaway, who is a hard-nosed fighter with nonsense. She definitely can’t be suspected of being in the fun-facts business.


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