Last minute panic: the best time to write?

Have you noticed that your best writing occurs in the last day (sometimes the last hour) before the deadline? Isn’t it annoying? I always have so many great ideas and a perfect flow just when the paper needs to be sent in. Why is that? Well, because the panic focuses your mind and focus is what we need to get writing done. Unfortunately, the last minute before the deadline is often far too short to accomplish anything good except perhaps a few brilliant sentences or paragraphs. Is there a solution?

Yes there is! As I advise in the previous post, set your own deadlines every day! Reward yourself for meeting these deadlines and punish for missing them (Boice recommends TV, beer or shower as rewards; consider Facebook in addition to these last century’s suggestions). So inspire yourself by panicking and make it regular so that focusing becomes your habit.


About Aleh Cherp

Aleh Cherp is a professor at Central European University and Lund University. He researchers energy and environment and coordinates MESPOM, a Masters course operated by six Universities.
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