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I graduated from CEU with a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Policy. I taught undergrad and graduate economics and business for 16 years. After spending two years at UNU-IAS in Japan, I am now working in forestry research at Scion in New Zealand. I converted in 2004 purchasing a 12-inch PowerBook which I used until 2012, when it finally gave in. I find pleasure in reading, thinking about and discussing science and technology.

Annotating PDFs with Highlights

Note taking in the era of PDFs has clearly become an issue for most people working with electronic documents on a daily basis. As far as I know most reference managers now implement some form of a note taking/highlighting feature. … Continue reading

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The Daily Rituals of Some Well-known Creative People

I came across this interesting infographic on the Huffington Post (originally created by RJ Andrews of Info We Trust) that visualizes how some important creative and intellectual figures used to structure their days.  It seems that none of them spent … Continue reading

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How reference managers could help is in our thinking process rather than just hold our libraries…

I must admit I don’t seem to be perfectly happy with what reference manager software have to offer. I am probably unjust and have high expectations. After all, they are ‘reference managers’ and in that sense they are already over-performing. … Continue reading

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Try Ulysses for editing Multimarkdown documents

This is just a short note for those who may be relying on Multimarkdown documents at some point in there writing workflow. Aleh mentioned in one of his earlier post that he was using Byword and of course there are … Continue reading

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Events in, events out: some ideas on improving your calendar experience

I have plenty of screen real estate and even though my hardware is powerful enough to not give me the spinning beach ball all the time, for some reason, I still feel awkward when I have many applications running simultaneously … Continue reading

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A Hippie Control Freak with a Reality Distortion Field

Let me post a recent BBC video here about the late Steve Jobs and Apple. You may consider it a little off-topic, but I think it is worth watching for people who do have a soft spot for both the … Continue reading

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