Stop being boring! – another Keynote animation

These two Keynote slides illustrate some principles of animation described in an earlier post.  The first slide starts with a screenshot of Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen website. The words “stop being boring” are captured by a separate screenshot of the same screen and then superimposed on the first one so that they seem part of it. Afterwards they are moved and zoomed in with an action build in Keynote. The second slide is transitioned through Keynote’s Magic Move and then it is animation business as usual.


About Aleh Cherp

Aleh Cherp is a professor at Central European University and Lund University. He researchers energy and environment and coordinates MESPOM, a Masters course operated by six Universities.
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1 Response to Stop being boring! – another Keynote animation

  1. Krit D. says:

    Hi Aleh,

    I’m a big fan of your blog. I’ve searching this around (using both the wordpress and gmail search) but couldn’t find an answer for it. I wanted to email this to you but couldn’t find a contact email so am posting this question on your most recent post.

    Do you know of a PDF annotating programme that lets you list your highlights by colour highlighted?

    ‘Preview’ in Mavericks lets you list all of them together but its not divided by colour. I like to use the different colours for different purposes when skimming through large textbooks/resources

    Yellow – Worth Highlighting
    Orange/Purple – Important
    Green – definition

    and so on.

    Please let me know if you know of a programme that offers a feature as such, as that way I can just run through my list of “green” highlights to go through all the definitions, or “orange” for the really important/salient points.


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